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rules of the road.jpgModot Cycling Safety

When you ride a bike on the street, you are a driver.  Therefore, you have the same road rights and responsibilities as the driver of a car or truck.  To have a safe ride, please read and abide by the following safety guidelines:



Safety "Do's" 

  1. Wear your helmet AT ALL TIMES while on your bike.  This is mandatory at the Bike MS: Express Scripts Gateway Getaway Ride.
  2. Ride on the right side of the lane, a few feet from the edge.rules of the raod.jpg
  3. Ride in the same direction as traffic.
  4. Ride single file when a car or truck is behind you. 
  5. Yield to riders as they are trying to pass you.  Be courteous.
  6. Pass on the left only.
  7. Avoid making sudden or erratic changes in direction.
  8. Call "car back" or "car up" to riders in front of you.
  9. Call out your intentions to riders immediately behind you, "slowing" "stopping"
  10. Give hand signals when stopping or turning.
  11. Point out road hazards and/or call out to riders behind you: "gravel," "hole," "tracks"
  12. Call out to riders that you are about to pass" "on your left" or "good morning."
  13. Obey all traffic signs and signals.
  14. Do not ride in a pace line or draft behind riders with whom you have not practiced riding.
  15. Always ride defensively.  Be aware of other riders, other vehicles and pedestrians near you - never assume you know what they are going to do.
  16. Use common sense and courtesy towards motorists and other cyclists while on your bike.
  17. Ride friendly and respect the communities that we ride through.
  18. Provide immediate adult supervision to bicycling minors (age 17 and under) in your care.
  19. When visiting a rest stop, make sure that you remove your bike from the road surface.

Safety "Don'ts"

  1. NEVER RIDE MORE THAN TWO ABREAST.rules of the road111.jpg
  2. Never cross the center line while riding or passing.
  3. Avoid making sudden or erratic changes in direction.
  4. Do not draft with riders you have not practiced drafting with.
  5. Never wear headphones when riding.
  6. Do not ride before daylight without proper lights.

Remember, the Bike MS: Express Scripts Gateway Getaway Ride is NOT a race - it is a fundraising event.  We are raising much needed dollars to help more than 6,800 people in the Gateway Area Chapter living with multiple sclerosis.


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