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Kent Vs. Mark header

The battle has begun. Whose side are you on? Kent Ehrhardt, KMOV meteorologist, is gathering up his entire Great Day St. Louis crew in order to match the fundraising prowess of legendary KMOX radio personality, Mark Reardon. Pick a team and support your leader as Kent and Mark go head to head in what is sure to be the greatest fundraising competition in Bike MS history.

                 Donate to Kent                                    Donate to Mark  
        Kent's Stats:
        Occupation:  Meteorologist for KMOV News 4
        Hometown: St. Louis
        Team: Great Day St. Louis
        Experience: Bike MS Rookie
        Join Team Great Day St. Louis to ride with Kent
        and help him raise more money than Mark!
        Mark's Stats:
        Occupation: KMOX Radio Show Host
        Hometown: Chicago
        Team: Team THF
        Experience: Riding in Bike MS since 2007

Team Great Day St. Louis
16 percent of goal achieved.
Mr. Mark A Reardon
31 percent of goal achieved.


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