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Bike MS Volunteer pre-registration is closed…but we still need more volunteer help.  If you’d like to volunteer, please visit us at the Volunteer Check-In table Friday evening, Saturday, or Sunday at the Fairgrounds for your assignment.


We count on your help to move us towards a world free of MS.

*Please note that volunteers between the ages of 12 and 17 will need to have a parent or guardian complete the waiver atttached to the application.

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Volunteer For Bike MS

Medical Volunteers - Health care professionals are needed to administer first aid throughout the entire course of the bike ride.  You must have  EMT, RN or MD certifications to volunteer for the medical volunteer postions.

Massage Therapists - After the ride, some cyclists enjoy a good massage.  Certified massage therapists are needed to help provide that service.

Support and Gear (SAG) Vans - SAG drivers patrol the bike route providing assistance to cyclists in need of a lift due to bike troubles or fatigue. They also mark any hazards on the route. This is a volunteer job that lasts all weekend beginning by picking up your SAG van on Friday afternoon.  You must be a licensed, insured driver 25 years or older. 

Volunteer For Bike MS

Motorcycle Escorts - These volunteers will patrol the bike route providing assistance to cyclists in need of a support to bike troubles or fatigue. They will have water, administer first aid, look for signs for dehydration and treat, summon help through the use of HAM, CB and cell phones in the case of emergencies along with marking any hazards on the route. Additionally, you will be informed how far the next rest stop is, any traffic problems and overall moral support.

HAM Radio Operator - Provide communications from rest stop locations and along the route during the Bike MS Ride to Net Control. HAM Radio Operator license experience is required.

Supply Truck Drivers and Buddies - Licensed, insured drivers over the age of 25 who have experience with trucks are needed to distribute food, water and ice along the route. This position is essential to the safety and success of our tour. It requires the ability to lift 50 pounds. This is an all-weekend volunteer job, from Friday night to Sunday night.

Volunteer For Bike MS

Welcome Table -Volunteers are needed to check cyclists and volunteers in and distribute registration packets. Help guide participants in the right direction and answer questions.  

Parking - Volunteers are needed Friday night and the early hours of Saturday and Sunday morning to direct traffic to proper parking spots.

Rest Stops - Rest stops are situated about every 10 miles along the route, supplying food, beverages and encouragement to cyclists. Using provided materials, volunteers assemble sandwiches, cut fruit and pour drinks. Specialized volunteers at each rest stop provide medical and communications support.

Meal Volunteers - Meal volunteers prepare and stock the food buffet that recharges our cyclists.

Refreshment Volunteers- Help keep cyclist hydrated by serving beverages at the Hydration Station.  

Labor volunteer - Load and unload supply vehicle and place equipment and supplies into designated areas. Volunteers will also assist with the set up and breakdown of equipment such as tents, tables and chairs according to site plan.



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