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My Participant Center - allows all registrants to set up personal pages, send e-mails to family and friends, and track fundraising progress.  All participants are strongly encouraged to login to their Participant Center and use the tools available. 


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Fundraise On Facebook - recruit team members, get secure donations, and track your fundraising progress straight from your facebook page!  Login to your Participant Center account to download the appliciation.


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Fundraising Materials - after registering, all participants will receive a fundraising kit in the mail.  This kit includes sample letters, contribution cards, a sponsor pledge form and a number of other items.  The downloads page on this website includes links to download the various forms found in the fundraising kit as well as free digital promotional items.  All participants are welcome to download these forms as needed. Plus, all teams have a promotional poster found on this page they can use to advertise.


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Fundraising Starter Kit - this helpful packet provides you with a wealth of information about MS and fundraising.  It includes, among other things, sample letters, check off lists, details on how to use the internet to increase your fundraising, and even information on team fundraising.  Be sure to check it out and get started on your fundraising today!  You can also locate the packet and other useful information on the downloads page.



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Participant Fundraisers - many participants use events to help spur their fundraising.  Participants wishing to publicize their events may do so on the Bike MS event calendar.  Email Angie Wiseman at with the event details and any flyers or additional materials required to promote your fundraising event for Bike MS.

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