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If you want to ride fast and push yourself, the Bike MS Century Route Time Trial is for you!

Each day of the ride, a section of the century loop between two rest stops will be set up as the time trial. While it's a quiet section of road, it's still open to vehicular traffic.  Therefore, to keep our cyclists safe, we will be controlling bike traffic at the start of the time trial.

YOU MUST STOP AT THE REST STOP BEFORE STARTING THE TIME TRIAL! Each trial will begin after the first rest stop after the turn for the century route. A volunteer controlling the flow of bike traffic will let you know when it is your turn to start the time trial.

Notley Hawkins Photos 150.jpg In your rider packet, you will find your timing chip and instructions for attaching it to the front of your bike.  Please follow the instructions carefully, and be sure to save your timing chip for both days of the ride.  If you lose your timing chip, we will not be able to replace it for you.

Tracking Your Results
After you complete the ride, you will be able to find a link on our website to look up your time for the entire ride and for the time trial split.  Compare your time with your friends, and see how your time stacked up against the Bike MS field each day.

Capturing the Moment
Incidentally, the timing chips will let us do some other very cool new things this year. If you register your facebook account with us beforehand, you will be able to automatically post photo updates of your ride, in real time, to your facebook wall.  You can also load your friends' mobile numbers into the system to send them text updates about your ride, like, "I just passed mile 50 of Bike MS! Please support my fundraising campaign!" 

Finally, and this is pretty cool, for the first time this year we'll also be capturing video and still photos at the finish line all weekend.  With the new timing chip technology, you will be able to find your photos and watch the video of you crossing the finish line.

Signing Up
If you are registered for Bike MS, you will automatically receive a timing chip in your rider packet.  However, you do need to sign up before the ride for the automatic facebook and mobile updates.  Watch your email for instructions. 

A Ride, not a Race
Bike MS is a ride, not a race.  There are no prizes for finishing first, and it is much more important to be safe and courteous, have fun, and support the mission than to ride fast.  Remember, the destination we are racing toward is a world free of MS -- not the finish line at Boone County Fairgrounds.  If you are interested in earning prizes, please check out our fundraising prizes. 

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