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The MS Society is providing each registered ride with a Media Chip to attach to their bike. These chips will allow the rider to immediately locate themselves in pictures and their finish line video, among other things. The media chips, which remain attached to your bike for the duration of the ride, will also serve as your timing chip, if you wish to participate in the optional Time Trials


Bike MS Rest Stop Support 

Rest stops will be located every 8 to 12 miles along all three routes. There you will find sports drinks, ice cold water, and a limited quantity of snacks or energy bars. If you require specific energy products, please provide them for yourself. Please be respectful of rest stop property, as they have been donated for the event.

Support and Gear (SAG) vehicles will be traveling each route to provide support for cyclists in between rest areas. They travel in the opposite direction of the cyclists. Thumbs Up to oncoming SAG drivers lets them know you're ok, and  thumbs down alerst them to stop and give you a ride. If you need the assistance of a SAG vehicle, pull to the shoulder of the road, remove your helmet and wave it at the next SAG vehicle that passes by. Due to the record number of cyclists, SAG drivers will not be able to transport gear, bags, medication or any other cyclist’s items. We are not responsible for any items left in SAG vehicles.

Certified medical personnel will be located at the Medical Pavilion near the Registration Pavilion, at each rest stop, and will also be traveling the route. Your health is important to us, so please ask if you need any assistance. If you need certain medications, please be sure to bring them with you to Bike MS.

Bike MS Medical Support On Route
Bike MS Mechanic Support On route 

Bicycle mechanics from Maplewood Bicycle, Cyclextreme, Walt’s Bicycle Fitness and Wilderness Co. and Big Shark Bicycle Co. will be at each rest stop to fix any problems that may occur. Bicycle mechanics will also be on hand Friday evening at the Boone County Fairgrounds and will have supplies available for purchase and mechanics on hand to help. However, the mechanics are limited in the technology they can use in the field. Before you gear-up for Bike MS be sure to visit one of our participating bike shops for a tune-up. Thank you to these bike shops for providing the labor for the weekend of the Bike MS: Express Scripts MS Bike Ride. Please carry a credit card or cash with you to pay for parts that you may need along the route.

Motorcycle volunteers will patrol the bike route providing assistance to cyclists in need of support. They will have a limited supply of water, first aid kits and a tire pump. They will look for signs of dehydration and summon help through the use of CB’s, HAM radios or cell phones in case of emergencies along the route. They also help identify hazards along the route. Additionally, they can inform cyclists how far the next rest stop is, alert them to any traffic problems and provide overall moral support.

Bike MS Motorcycle Route Support
Once you have completed your ride for the day, secure bike storage is provided. You may lock up your bike and leave to enjoy the festivities without fear that your bike may be tampered with or damaged by the weather. This service is provided for all participants in the Bike MS: Express Scripts MS Bike Ride. You can access the secure facility, located next to the registration area, at any point during the weekend.

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